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Make Money Grooming Dogs
If you love dogs and want to make money doing it, you might consider becoming a dog groomer. Grooming businesses can be started as a freelancer, as a part-time job or even as an employee of a large chain. Many big-chain stores offer dog grooming services, and you can prepare poodles for the Westminster Dog Show by bathing them. Grooming services also include trimming the hair on the ears and anal glands.

You can also learn a new skill by taking your dog to a dog groomer. You can use an electric toothbrush to groom your dog’s coat if it is extremely long. Regardless of your level of expertise, grooming your dog is a bonding experience and will make it even more fun! If your pet has a bad attitude towards the process, consider hiring a professional dog groomer. He or she will be happy to show you a new side of your dog, and you’ll have a better chance of forming a long-lasting friendship.

Grooming not only makes your dog look great, but it also keeps your home clean. More frequent grooming sessions will capture more dog hair and lessen its accumulation on rugs and furniture. And, as a bonus, grooming your dog will give you some much-needed quality time to spend together. Once you’ve mastered the art of dog grooming, you’ll love having your dog look his or her best! And who doesn’t love a freshly-bathed dog?

One tool you may want to invest in is a rake. A rake is an oval brush with metal bristles set in a flexible rubber base. This comb is particularly helpful when long hair is involved. Some pin brushes are coated to avoid scratching your dog’s skin. But the coating may wear off in time. Pin brushes are also available in varying sizes and textures. You can also purchase a combination pin/bristle brush.

Besides shampoo, you’ll need to purchase special cleaning products for dogs’ eyes and ears. It’s best to use a dog-specific shampoo and conditioner, as the residue from human shampoo can irritate your dog’s eyes. And make sure to buy some special eye drops if you’re unsure about your dog’s skin allergies. Besides, different dogs have different coats, so you’ll need different brushes and combs for every breed. You can purchase soft brushes for thin-haired dogs and thicker ones for dogs with thicker fur types. Wire combs also come in handy.

Professional dog groomers can also trim your dog’s ears and nails. The nails can be painful and long-haired dogs need professional attention. Moreover, they know how to handle aggressive or nervous dogs. They may even need a muzzle for safety reasons. Professional groomers can help you avoid back pain and arthritis by providing a professional service. They also know how to handle various breeds and temperaments. This means you won’t have to spend a lot of time doing it yourself.

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